Travel. Reinvented.


The Home screen serves as your base to navigate GateGuru as you like. The Home screen will display current and future journeys. For current journeys, as we receive data on your next departure, we populate that in an expanded state. The Home screen also gives you direct access to our AirportCard. The airport list is pre-populated based on closest airports, but you can also access any airport via the search bar.


Think of the JourneyCard as your detailed itinerary. From this screen, you can either view, or access with one tap, any information you may need on your day-of travel. The JourneyCard will keep you posted in real-time on any updates to your itinerary such as security wait times, flight delays, gate changes or layover time adjustments. Tapping the airport code will bring you to airport specific information, personalized based on your itinerary!


Our new beautifully designed AirportCard provides a wealth of airport information while immediately showing you a signature visual representation of the airport. From the AirportCard, you can quickly access amenity information, maps, weather forecasts, airport tips and much more.

Rental Car

Through our exclusive partnership with Avis, GateGuru allows you to reserve a rental car at a discounted price in just two taps! Since we are working directly with one rental car company, we are able to offer the lowest available pricing, with discounts up to 35% compared with other leading travel sites!

Amenity List View

For users that add flights, much of the magic of GateGuru’s day-of travel solution is behind the scenes, as we automatically connect the relevant parts of your day-of travel based on your flight information. So the amenity list view automatically shows information that is personalized to your trip – based on your departure or arrival terminal. If you want to see all of the amenities in the airport, just tap the terminal filter bottom in the bottom left.