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May 23rd, 2013
Must Have iPhone Apps for Frequent Flyers
Matthew Stibbe
"Find amenities at unfamiliar airports, stay on top of gate changes, get estimated TSA wait times and make sure you go to the right terminal for your flight."


May 2013
Top Travel Apps
"Airports aren’t exactly known as fine-dining destinations, but GateGuru helps find the hidden gems in your arrival and departure locations. Upload your itinerary and the app lists food options—as well as shops and other services like ATMs—along with where to find them and ratings from other fliers. The app also provides estimated wait times for security lines and last-minute deals on rental cars."


May 17th, 2013
GateGuru Adds Ability To Rent Cars With Two Quick Taps
Andrew Stevens
"GateGuru, Airport Info & Flight Status is an app that lets you add a flight and receive full flight tracking, wait times, and airport information. The app makes it easy to know everything about your airport by providing you with amenities, tips, maps, status, weather, and more. GateGuru has been updated, adding Avis rental car bookings to let you book a car with just two quick taps and huge discounts of up to 30%."


May 16th, 2013
Appitude: Use phone apps to make traveling easier
Reid Kanaley
"Some airport "tips" will give you travelers' frank perspectives: "Sad little airport," says one comment on the Philadelphia International list. "Is it me or are all Philadelphians rude and ignorant?" Ouch. At least that guy got more thumbs-down reactions than he got thumbs-ups."


May 15th, 2013
GateGuru, Airport Info & flight Status app review: providing you all the vitals on air travel
Tonya Medeiros
"There's no need to wonder about the status of your flight when you can get all the details and information through this app. Whether you travel on a regular basis or just from time to time, the information found here can make traveling a lot less stressful...This is one of those apps that once you have it you’ll wonder what you did without it. The app gives you valuable information that can turn your travel into a worry and stress-free adventure."

The Full Signal

May 8th, 2013
Best iPhone 5 apps
Stephen Tenerowicz
"Airports are generally stressful, but GateGuru can make them bearable. The app gives you flight information, a map of your airport and lets you search for airport restaurants. GateGuru also has some great social features."


May 3rd, 2013
GateGuru Is the Ultimate Airport Sherpa- Don't Travel Without it
Nicole Nguyen
"If, like George Clooney, you spend lots of time up in the air, then you are very familiar with the inevitability of acts of mother nature, delays, cancellations, and missed connections. Biding time in an airport certainly isn't glamorous, but GateGuru (free), an app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, makes it all a little easier on your weary traveling soul. The airport information and flight status mobile guide — which was recently revamped with a snazzy new interface —automatically lists info about an airport's weather, amenities, and maps once you input your itinerary."


May 2nd, 2013
GateGuru Gets An Update That Completely Redesigns The User Interface
Andrew Stevens
"GateGuru, Airport Info & Flight Status has been updated with a complete redesign of the user interface, making it easier for navigation. Airport content is clearly labeled and information is more accessible than before. There’s also seamless day-of travel information with customized content based on your itinerary, so go give it a look."


April 29th, 2013
GateGuru revamps its app to address user feedback
Sean O'Neil
"As the GateGuru story shows, it can be effective to release a product quickly to hear user feedback. For instance, the founders learned that users wanted to make flight and airport information more rapidly accessible with fewer screen taps. Often, software developers will discover that their customers have different problems and pain points than anticipated. It can be more efficient to receive this feedback quickly than be led astray by outdated conventions or by attempting to polish tricks that are superficially impressive but not vital to users. That said, it can take nerves of steel to have that conversation with users."


April 26th, 2013
GateGuru for iPhone has been updated and greatly improved
Mel Martin
"With version 4, released today, all is forgiven. The free app now allows you to browse airport information with no restrictions. The entire app has been redesigned and it looks very modern. Plus, the amount of tapping has been reduced when you navigate, and all your travel information is on one screen. GateGuru excels at travel info, including airport weather, terminal and gate arrival and departure info, and real-time flight information with optional push alerts for flight status. The app also provides estimated TSA waiting times, and reviews of airport food, location of ATMs and rental car information with some discounted rates for GateGuru users."


April 26th, 2013
GateGuru Relaunches With New Ways To Streamline Your Travel Experience
John Biggs
""We will get to the point in the next 12 – 18 months where we can say ‘John – we know you are driving out to SFO, and based on traffic, airport parking availability, security wait times, your walk to your gate and flight status, you should leave for the airport in 30 minutes’ – regardless of if that is 2 hours or 4 hours before your flight,” he said. “This is a big change from the anxiety filled experience of walking through the airport glass doors only to find the place mobbed, resulting in you potentially missing your flight.” The data comes from collections of information including TSA checkpoint wait times and airport maps."


April 25th, 2013
Your Smartphone Can Ease Your Furlough Delay Stress
Mitch Simon
"If your flight is delayed and you have some time to kill, you'll want to download GateGuru. This app will let you check airport information including security wait times, and will give you a list food choices and amenities available in the specific airport you're located."

Mobile Day

April 22nd, 2013
Top 10 Mobile Apps to Make Your Life Easier
Hunter Phillips
"GateGuru separates itself from other travel apps by focusing on the “day-of” experience. Think Yelp for airports – whether you’re looking for a good meal during your layover or the best place to grab a last minute souvenir, GateGuru has you covered. Pro-Tip: You can connect and sync your GateGuru account to TripIt or KAYAK for the ultimate personalized travel app experience."


April 9th, 2013
The Best Travel Apps of 2013
"GateGuru is every travelers friend when it comes to gate changes and delays. It also has maps of terminals, reviews of restaurants, and even average wait times at security checkpoints."

Get Wakefield

March 19th, 2013
GateGuru Makes the Airport Trek Palatable
"Next time you’ve been stranded at an airport Chili’s because of cancelled flights, consider the case of the Donner Party. Heavy snow left the pioneers stuck in the Sierra Nevada for three months – driven mad by hunger, some travellers turned to cannibalism. The GateGuru app might not have saved that ill-fated expedition – 3G coverage wasn’t very good in 1846 – but it can help make your next trip less stressful. After connecting flight info with Tripit or Kayak, the iOS, Android, and Windows apps collate everything a traveller needs to know – security wait time, check-in terminal, flight departure time, and status. There’s even a list of airport amenities broken down into pre- and post-security categories, so you can decide whether to get the four dollar donuts now, or later."

Rick Dees' Planet of the Apps

March 19th, 2013
Travel Reinvented With GateGuru!
"If you’re going to be flying any time soon, this is the must-have app for you. GateGuru gives you the gate information, flight status, the accurate time it takes to go through security, and much much more! From the minute you leave on your day of travel to the minute you arrive at your destination, GateGuru keeps you covered.It even provides you with deals on car rentals, and checks the weather for you when you land!"

WePay Blog

March 18th, 2013
Apps To Go: Best Apps for Small Business Travelers
Kelly Sallaway
"Though I’ve found that the must-have app for travelers is Gate Guru. This magic app no only helps you find your way to your flight but its airport specific information includes the location of all the amenities, bars, shops and restaurants inside the terminal. If you like to keep score, it also tracks your personal travel stats."

Jetset Times

March 5th, 2013
Tech Tuesday- Top Apps for Your Travels
Wenxi Zhang
"GateGuru is, quite literally, an electronic guru on your phone that guides you in your quest for all things relating to, next to, and near your gate at the airport. Features include Journey List, which organizes your “journeys” into one neat, compact, user-friendly panel, JourneyCard, which informs you of all the must-have information for your day of travel (airport weather, flight departure time, et cetera), FlightCard, which feeds you live data about your flight—including security checkpoint wait time, and Amenity List View (our favorite), which shows you all the eateries, souvenir shops, and other services you might need to find near your gate"

The App Traveler

February 10th, 2013
Up up and Away- GateGuru
"Whether you’re a flying pro or fresh meat in the airport terminal, Gate Guru may just be your saving grace before lift off. Their mission is simple. To reinvent the way that YOU travel."

Let's Get Deals Today!

February 7th, 2013
GateGuru- Your Guide to Airport Navigation
Carol Biederman
"One of my most favorite travel tools for day-of travel information is Gate Guru. I began using Gate Guru shortly after it’s initial launch in 2009, and with it’s most recent makeover in November 2012, Gate Guru has solidly established itself as my #1 day-of-travel go-to app. The recent redesign vastly improved existing features as well as added quite a few new features. So why is it one of my go-to apps? Read on, my friend!"

Ninja Mulitmedia

February 7th, 2013
Ninja Multimedia Demos 3 Must-Have Travel Apps
"GateGuru is your ultimate travel app"

Business Week

January 31st, 2013
Today's Best Travel Apps, and They're All Free
Sam Grobart
"Skip Ruby’s Diner in Newark’s Terminal C and walk a little farther to Gallagher’s steakhouse. Get the roast beef hash. GateGuru can provide you with this tip and others, as the app compiles user reviews of airport restaurants and businesses, which it plots on detailed terminal maps. The review database is thin, but the listings aren’t. It can help find that passable sushi place when all you see is Cinnabon"

HRS Travel Blog

January 27th, 2013
The Top 20 Holiday Apps for 2013
Wolfgang Gestrich
"GateGuru touts itself as the first door to door solution for holidaymakers on the days of travel, incorporating factors such as flight time, departures and even rental cars. It even includes facilities to see which amenities and shops are available to you on your journey, as well as on the go travel stats."


January 21st, 2013
"It comes as no surprise that GateGuru by Mobility Apps LLC is one of the top rated apps for the iPhone and Android. Pertinent information like airport amenities, push notifications and data about flight is within your reach. GateGuru has four modules namely Airports, High Flyers, Account and Trips. Most of the time you will be at the airport section. Its coverage is extensive; you can search the entire list, by city, airport code or location. Favorite amenities and airports can be bookmarked. You can even track your flights in real time."


January 13th, 2013
Five Fab Flight Tools for Nerds on the Go
Beth Z
"Connect your TripIt inenirary with GateGuru to keep track of security wait lines, location of cupcakes in any terminal and much more."

Business Insider

December 20th, 2012
4 Crucial Apps to Make Holiday Travel Fun and Stress-free
Cynthia Drescher
"If you're an infrequent flyer or just transiting through an unfamiliar airport this season, GateGuru will not only tell you where the Starbucks kiosks, ATMs and club locations are, but it also factors in user reviews. Is that Applebee's near Gate 23 worth it on a two-hour layover? Maybe not, if there's a Brewery Pub down the terminal...GateGuru knows."

LIVE with Kelly and Mike

December 19th, 2012
Gadget Apps
Lance Ulanoff
"Video: minute 4:40"

USA Today

December 19th, 2012
FlySmart, GateGuru track flights, navigate airport amenities
Dennis Schaal
"If your flight leaves from an unfamiliar airport, several mobile apps can get you up to date quickly on the restaurants, shops and services near your gate. Among them are two updated free apps for smartphones: GateGuru and FlySmart. Both track flights and have information on airport amenities. If you select one as your go-to mobile airport guide, pick GateGuru, which allows easier flight tracking and provides a more comprehensive and unbiased perspective on airport eateries and retail outlets."


November 29th, 2012
10 Best Travel Apps for Flight Attendants
Heather Poole
"Enter an airport code and up pops everything you could ever want to know about food, shopping, and any services offered, along with reviews, ratings and maps. Enter your flight number and access flight status, delays and weather conditions all in the same place."

New York Times In Transit

November 28th, 2012
An Airport App Takes You Outside, to a Rental Car
Monica Drake
"Gate Guru, the app that functions like a Yelp for travelers who want to eat, shop or even get a manicure at an airport, is venturing into new territory. In a new version for Apple and Android devices released late last month, the app has partnered with the Avis-Budget Group to offer discounted last-minute car rentals. It may seem like an off-brand use, but it isn’t: the feature is made for the smartphone-carrying traveler who may need to secure a car as the plane is taxiing to the gate."


November 21st, 2012
GateGuru iPhone app adds same-day booking for car rentals and Tripit-like itinerary management
Sean O'Neill
"It’s been three years since the GateGuruapp first launched as “Yelp for airports,” a mobile app for navigating airport terminals with maps and user-generated ratings of services. This afternoon, its iPhone version received its largest update yet. It amounts to a complete re-imagining of one of the world’s most used travel apps. GateGuru is now edging into territory occupied by trip itinerary service TripIt and same-day booking apps like HotelTonight."


November 21st, 2012
GateGuru adds last-minute discount car rentals to its newest air travel app
Ki Mae Heussner
"The new app’s car rental-booking feature, in particular, is sure to attract the attention of new travelers. Through a partnership with Avis-Budget Group, GateGuru users can now use the app to check for last-minute rentals at their destination, while they’re taxiing on the runway. If they book a car — at rates which could be 5 to 25 percent below normal prices – GateGuru gets a revenue share of the transaction. (Until now, the company has made money by licensing its airport amenity database to other travel companies.)"


November 21st, 2012
GateGuru Looks To Improve The Holiday Travel Experience With New Design, Last-Minute Rental Car Deals
Rip Empson
"GateGuru has been quiet over the last year, but today’s release sees the app getting a whole new user experience that focuses on automatically pairing amenities and security wait times through the app’s “Journey Card.” In other words, until now, users had to go look up security wait times and amenities by airport and terminal, but travelers no longer have to go through this process manually, as that information is now automatically linked to their flight and itinerary. It also allows users to pull amenities outside of their terminal in the event of a long wait or layover, enabling them to view the best the airport has to offer — not just what’s in the immediate vicinity."


November 20th, 2012
Apps for (almost) pain-free holiday travel
Leah Yamshon
"One of the most indispensable apps you’ll find is GateGuru (free for iOS and Android)—especially if you end up in an airport you’re not familiar with. GateGuru offers maps and amenity details for many airports. Search for your current airport (or ask GateGuru to locate you), check in, and check the security wait time. The app provides maps of the entire airport, or you can explore a particular terminal and see what amenities are closest to your gate. GateGuru lists where food options are located, as well as places to shop and particular services. GateGuru users can leave airport tips for others to check out, which range from security checkpoint secrets to the best place to get a pre-flight drink."

ABC News

November 20th, 2012
Holiday Flight Delay? Airports Offer Flu Shots, Workouts and More
Genevieve Shaw Brown
"Dan Gellert, co-founder and CEO of Gate Guru, said most travelers don't know they can squeeze in a workout at an airport hotel's gym on a layover. He cited the Hilton gym at Chicago O'Hare as being "really nice" but said most airport hotels will sell travelers a day pass to its gym for about $20. Gellert said airports have really stepped up their food offerings in recent years, with a focus on local ingredients and partnering with local chefs. He also said it's his favorite way to spend a layover. "Airports have realized the restaurants and food served is often a person's first impression of the city," he said. He cited Seattle's SeaTac, O'Hare, Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale airports as recently adding more local food options. And while it may not focus solely on local food, fans of the Food Network will want to check out the first-ever Food Network Kitchen at Fort Lauderdale airport."

The Fiscal Times

November 17th, 2012
9 Things to Know When You Fly Over the Holidays
Blaire Briody
"GateGuru is like Yelp for airports with directories that show where ATMs are located, the best restaurants, and even massage stations."

NY Post

November 17th, 2012
Skies get friendlier with this travel app
Hilary Lewis
"If your Thanksgiving plans involve flying into or out of an unfamiliar airport, get clued in to the location and quality of food and shopping options, and necessary services, in your terminal with GateGuru."


November 16th, 2012
The most popular air travel apps by actual iPhone usage
Sean O'Neil
"App makers like to tout how many times their software has been downloaded because it’s the only number that never goes down. But the real question is consumer take-up, meaning, how often air travellers use their app and make it a part of their routine."

Know Your Cell

November 15th, 2012
Best Thanksgiving travel apps for Android, iPhone
Marin Perez
"Airports are generally not fun during busy holiday seasons but you can stay ahead of the herd with the GateGuru app. This app will give you real-time flight information, map the airports, allow you to search which amenities are at which locations and most importantly, see how long the security line it. There are also a lot of social features baked in that I don't find too appealing, but at least they're in there."

Fox News

November 6th, 2012
Travel apps that save you time and money on-the-go
Clem Bason
"If you spend a lot of time in airports, you’re probably familiar with the feelings of frustration and boredom that come with long delays and short connections. Where to go? What to do? How can I save? Enter GateGuru. Think of this free app for iPhone and Android users as a Yelp for airports. After you’ve arrived, you can use the app to easily access the locations and real-time reviews for in-airport food, shopping and services. It will even find current deals if you’re on a tight budget, all with just the touch of a button"

Huffington Post

November 2nd, 2012
The Ultimate Techie Travel Guide
Carley Knobloch
"And if you've got a layover, give Gate Guru a try. This app maps out terminal businesses and services so you can make a mad dash for things like food, magazines, and gifts. Gate Guru is also great if you have time to kill; I once found a hidden massage and manicure kiosk at San Francisco International Airport (aka my best trip to the airport ever)."


October 17th, 2012
GateGuru partners with airport advertising giant JCDecaux
Sean O'Neil
"Yesterday outdoor advertising company JCDecaux North America trumpeted its new partnership with GateGuru, makers of consumer mobile apps for airport navigation. Baltimore/Washington International Airport is the first airport where GateGuru information will appear on interactive digital displays managed by JCDecaux. JCDecaux’s content will also pop up on Gate Guru apps, providing their airport advertising partners with a mobile solution “at no incremental cost,” according to a statement by the world’s largest outdoor advertising company. The move is a coup for GateGuru, whose first free app debuted in December 2009. The company now claims market leading traction in day-of-travel apps, touting 35,000 user-generated reviews plus other functionality such as flight alerts."

Yahoo Finance

October 16th, 2012
JCDecaux North America and GateGuru Partner to Reinvent the Airport Experience
"JCDecaux North America, the market leader in airport advertising, and GateGuru Inc., the Company behind the revolutionary day-of-travel mobile application, announced today the launch of a partnership to bring the GateGuru product and content to JCDecaux's partner airports. This partnership brings together the top airport advertising company and the leading day-of-travel-focused mobile application to provide a game-changing experience for airports and travelers alike. Baltimore/Washington International Airport is the initial launch airport working with JCDecaux and GateGuru to provide its passengers a transformed airport experience."

The Daily Meal

October 8th, 2012
GateGuru App Helps Identify Airport Restaurants, Bars, and Services
Lauren Mack
"For those planning fall trips, GateGuru is a free app that helps travelers figure out which airport has the best food options, both before and after airport security. GateGuru includes airport amenity information, including traveler ratings and reviews for more than 15,000 restaurants, bars, shops, and services at 200 airports, of which 100 are in the U.S."


September 16th, 2012
Have You Checked Out GateGuru
"The app lists tons of airports around the world and for each of them it provides a listing of food establishments, shops and services. This information is available for the entire airport or you can filter by each terninal or concourse. A nice thing to have because as you're waiting in the security line you can find out about the food establishments, coffee shops, ATMs or newspaper vendors close to your terminal. I don't know about you but knowing where the Starbucks coffee shops are located gives me peace of mind knowing that my caffeine fix is close by. Adding to the convenience, many of the food places have either reviews or starred-ratings to help you make up your mind. But that's not all that the app does. It also lists the different checkpoints and for many of them lists the wait times based on user input. For larger airports, there are also tips from users on various aspects including cheap ways to get to the airport. A tip on the JFK airport offers useful information about the AirTrain. There are also reviews for the airport itself. A nice thing to have when you are debating, for instance, whether to board from Philadelphia (PHL) or Newark Liberty (EWR). Other nifty features in the app include the ability to check flight status by airline and number. A coming update should add a car rental booking feature."

Tech News Daily

September 10th, 2012
Travelers Demand Better Mobile Apps
Leslie Meredith
"Travelers have had enough of the loudspeaker announcements — about 94 percent said they want flight status information pushed to mobile devices before takeoff, and 75 percent said they want a mobile alert when their flight is boarding. If you've ever been stuck in the restroom with a crying baby, you understand the value of these two requests. GateGuru, a free app for iOS and Android offers such flight alerts."


September 7th, 2012
GateGuru App
"If you travel for work or fun this is a must have free app for your iPhone or Droid. I am ashamed at how long it took me to download this app myself. This app give you real-time flight notifications, view and post airport security check-times, and see a list of restaurants, shops and services by gate at each airport."


September 4th, 2012
Apps for Having a Healthier Layover
Deanna Cioppa
"Before you can make a healthy eating choice at the airport, you need to know where the heck you are and what's available to you. GateGuru is a comprehensive guide to dining, shops, and services at major airports worldwide. Search for airports by name, location, or code. Once you're in, the app breaks down airports by concourse and terminal, and lists amenities available. It's easy to find which restaurants are pre-security and which are after. A handy terminal map helps you locate your restaurant, and perhaps most useful, the app displays user reviews for eateries and stores. While reviews might not necessarily contain nutritional information, it may help you avoid a really greasy slice of pizza!"

New York Times

September 4th, 2012
Eating Right Between Meetings
Julie Weed
"David Gartside, managing director for global talent at Accenture, travels three out of every four weeks, both internationally and around the United States, and he says he often eats at airport restaurants, “because it is an efficient use of time.” Mr. Gartside uses an app called GateGuru to tell him which restaurants are nearby in his terminal or other terminals. “I used to eat whatever was in front of me, not knowing a better choice might be just five gates away,” he said."

Condé Nast Traveler

September, 2012
The 26 Travel Apps That Will Change Your Life
Wendy Perrin
"Fire up 10 GateGuru, punch in your airport and terminal, and the app will tell you which eateries, services, and stores are nearby; how travelers rate them; and where there’s a deal. When you’re stuck at Newark, you’ll find out that a Gallagher’s Steak House is one concourse over or that there are free pretzels at the Auntie Anne’s at Gate 133. Use Gate­Guru before you get in the security line so you know what options lie beyond the scanners "

CBS Philly

August 30th, 2012
The GateGuru App
Chris Morris
"Layovers can be major headaches for travelers. You often don’t know how the airport is laid out – and if you’re stuck there for any length of time, it’s pretty boring. The Gate Guru app can ease some of that pain, though, offering detailed maps of all major airports and terminals as well as a review of dining options. The app will also monitor your flight status, letting you know when you have to sprint to the gate and when you have time to stretch your legs"


August 29th, 2012
GateGuru Picks up $500K in New Funding to go Broader THan Airport Info
Dennis Schaal
"GateGuru founder Dan Gellert says its apps, which cover airports, their restaurants and shops, as well as flight arrival and departure information, will be revamped within two months, beginning with version 3.0 of the iOS app, to provide a “seamless airport experience.” In other words, you input your flight number into the app and GateGuru will serve up all the information — flight status and security line wait times etc, — instead of travelers having to dig out that information for themselves."


August 28th, 2012
GateGuru Adds Capital to Make Air Travel Less of a Headache, More "Magical"
Erin Griffith
"It’s safe to say there’s nothing magical about airport bag checks, airport security lines, or airport food courts. They’re a pain, even to the most seasoned traveler. The makers of GateGuru believe that doesn’t have to be the case. The app, originally developed to smooth out the annoying parts of the airport experience, is widening its focus to encompass the entire day of travel. The goal is to make traveling less of a headache and more “magical,” co-founder and CEO Dan Gellert says. Air travel in the ’50s and ’60s had an air of magic to it. Now the experience is anything but."

USA Today

August 28th, 2012
Digital Traveler: Testing 4 major flight-tracking apps
Dennis Schaal
"GateGuru's Airport Info & Flight Status app (iOS and Android) doesn't let you view a flight's progress on a map. But it's easy to use and provides basic flight and arrival status in an attractive manner on flight cards. GateGuru's prowess is providing ratings and reviews for restaurants, shops and services at about 125 airports around the world."

Wall Street Journal

August 24th, 2012
Take a Trip
Geoffrey Fowler
"Gate Guru provides information about airports, including wait times—and the nearest Starbucks"

OS Advices

August 24th, 2012
Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad Apps Ever
"GateGuru is a free app to pack. It helps you navigate airports, travel with greater confidence, anticipate wait times and find the freshest food. GateGuru can be helping you to avoid the troubles of past LaGuardia travelers with its user presented reviews of services at the airport. It has airport maps and checkpoint wait times. It will do without you from extending your tenure."

USA Today Tech

August 23rd, 2012
Get This App:GateGuru
Jefferson Graham
" Popular blogging site Tumblr, check-in favorite Foursquare, appmaker GateGuru (airport info) and Videolicious (automatic video editing) are Big Apple hits."


August 21st, 2012
Get This App:GateGuru
Dan Moren
"I find air travel stressful. Trying to get to your flight on time, having to take off your shoes, sitting in a cramped seat for hours on end. Above all, though, I hate making connections. Still, it’s necessary, from time to time, and if you—like me—have ever found yourself wandering through an unfamiliar airport, wondering how to kill a few hours, then you owe it to yourself to download GateGuru. There are plenty of apps that keep you updated as to your flight status, and GateGuru can do that too. But what makes it stand out is a wealth of information about airports. Hungry? GateGuru can tell you what’s in the current terminal."


July 23rd, 2012
The Daily App: GateGuru for Android, iOS
Edward J. Correia
"Airports are a frenzy of information for flights, ground transport and baggage coming to travelers from signs, kiosks and announcements. Why then is there so little when it comes to airport restaurants, shops and newsstands?"

The New York Times

July 18th, 2012
Find Your Way Through the Airport Maze, Phone in Hand
Kit Eaton
"One alternative is the free iOS and Android app, GateGuru. While this app does have simple maps for some, but not all, airports, it’s less about helping you navigate. Instead it tries to be a portal for crowdsourced reviews of services offered by airports and a guide for wait times at check in and security...One alternative is the free iOS and Android app, GateGuru. While this app does have simple maps for some, but not all, airports, it’s less about helping you navigate. Instead it tries to be a portal for crowdsourced reviews of services offered by airports and a guide for wait times at check in and security."

The Everyday Adventurer

July 18th, 2012
GateGuru: Find What You Want in the Airport
Lindsey Chandler
"We’ve all been there… stuck in the airport before a flight or during a layover and not sure where to eat or what to do in the meantime. I usually end up just eating at whatever place I see first out of convenience, later to find that a much better dining option was only a few gates away. Enter GateGuru, an app that promises to give you a more enjoyable airport experience (if there is such a thing). The interface uses your current location to bring up relevant airports that are in your general area whenever you launch the app, and divides the airport by terminal and then shows you all relevant information. It also has the capability of giving you coupons for certain restaurants or shops within your terminal, so be sure to check that at the top of the screen before deciding where you are headed."

Innovatively Organized

July 17th, 2012
Elizabeth's Favorite Things: GateGuru App'
Elizabeth Bowman
"If you’re going on a flight anytime soon—for a business trip or on vacation—you have got to get the GateGuru app. Once you’ve prepared for your trip with our Flight checklist, the final step is downloading this app! As they explain their product, “GateGuru is a new tool to transform the chaotic and unfamiliar airport environment into a more satisfying experience before and after flights, and during layovers. GateGuru serves as the leading light to locate the best food, shopping and service options within any airport at the touch of a button.”"

USA Today

July 13th, 2012
Hit the road with these travel apps
Suzanne Kantra
" can see a history of reports to get a general sense of how long the wait times are. GateGuru provides information on restaurants, shops and services at 120 airports in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. You'll also find reviews and photos taken by other travelers."

Trip Knowledgy

July 12th, 2012
Broadway Travel Day with TK-- Jason Kappus
Interviewed by Spencer Howard
"I’ve recently started using Gate Guru which is a pretty awesome app for airports. You can get info on checkpoint waiting times, user reviews and tips for every airport, and a directory of all the restaurants, ATMs, services, etc. and their locations. (The Burger Kings in the ATL airport are located at Gates D84, D31, A11 and T11.)"


July 11th, 2012
GateGuru offers comprehensive guide to airports worldwide
Rafe Blandford
"What most appeals about GateGuru is the clean layout and immediate access to information. With a bit of effort it's possible to find almost all of the information GateGuru provides online, but the convenience of having everything in one place, in a standard format, should not be under estimated. It's most useful when travelling through an unfamiliar airport fo the first time, but even if you're familiar with the airport you'll benefit from a glance at the comprehensive information, especially the user submitted ratings and reviews."


July 11th, 2012
GateGuru app Gives Windows Phone a chance
Sean O'Neil
"GateGuru continues to grow. On the monetization front, Zachary Einzig, who does business development for GateGuru, told Tnooz that the company has been locking up partnerships for the app’s coupon platform, such as a recent promotion of £5 off access to a private lounge at Heathrow airport. GateGuru also plans to expand to cover 50 more non-US airports by year end. In June, it added coverage of Sydney. It recently added push notifications and flight tracking to the iOS platform. Users can enter a flight and the app begins tracking any gate changes and take-off or arrival delays."

WP Central

July 9th, 2012
GateGuru lands at the Windows Phone Marketplace
George Ponder
"GateGuru is a travel app that has recently landed at the Windows Phone Marketplace. GateGuru has been a successful travel app on the iOS and Android platforms, success the developers are hoping will carry over to the Windows Phone platform...All in all, GateGuru is a nice Windows Phone resource for those who frequently or infrequently fly. "

Gears of Tech

July 2nd, 2012
Top 5 iPhone, iPad & Android Travel Apps For Frequent Flyers
Edward Marquez
"Gate Guru is like an airport directory in your hand. Chances are, you’ll have some time to kill before your flight and if you don’t feel like exploring the entire airport for something good to eat or drink, then this is the app for you. Gate Guru will access your location (with your permission) and retrieve the closest airports. Once you’ve selected your choice, you can browse through the restaurants, shops and services the airport offers along with their reviews and location, usually the nearest gate."


June 26th, 2012
Travel Apps a Must During Vacation Time
Kristen Guilfoos
"Yes, GateGuru can tell you where to find the restrooms in Terminal 2 at O'Hare and where to find truly good clam chowder at Sea-Tac, but what makes this app special is its ability to help travelers find the shortest way through security. "During the summer you could be an hour or more going through security," says Daniel Gellert, co-founder and president of New York-based Mobility Apps, which launched free app GateGuru. The app relies on 400,000 users to provide real-time information for 125 airports -- 30 of which are overseas. The app provides maps of airports, lists retailers and restaurants, and allows other users to post reviews and photographs."

Business Insider

June 25th, 2012
10 Free Travel Apps Every Tourist Needs To Download
Callie Bost
"Sure, you want to stay in the best hotels, but what about layovers? You shouldn't be miserable at an airport, so search through GateGuru's free app to find an airport with upscale amenities. The app provides maps of terminals, security line wait times and tracking for your flight."


June 23rd, 2012
Happy summer! These travel apps will keep you sane in paradise
Meghan Kelly
"Its goal is to help you find your way around an airport — especially those you are unfamiliar with. When you open the app, it uses the GPS in your phone to find the nearest airports to you. If yours doesn’t turn up, you can search for it manually. Once you’ve selected your airport, you choose your departing terminal, and the app delivers a list of wait times for various check points (i.e. security, check-in). You can also see various restaurants, shops, or services such as lounges, ATMs, and Wi-Fi hotspots."

The Hindu

June 22nd, 2012
Your Online Guide
Shonali Muthalaly
"Add GateGuru, for amenities and services at over 150 airports so you never have to groggily stumble around trying to orient yourself in a new airport ever again."

BBC Travel

June 21st, 2012
Five best air travel apps
Sean O'Neill'
"GateGuru (free, iPhone/iPad; Android; Windows Phone coming soon) offers the most comprehensive database of airport businesses and services – such as restaurants, post boxes, and bureaux de change -- spanning 191 airports, 100 of which are in the US. For each terminal, the app identifies which services are available before or after passing through security."

June 20th, 2012
App Of The Day: Gate Guru & MyCar Locator
"Gate Guru as named one of the top five travel apps by CNN for a good reason: it gives you every terminal inside every major airport in the u.s. at your fingertips. It also updates you real-time if your flight has been delayed. Gate guru lists places to eat and shop, along with terminal maps so you can get where you need to go."

CNN Money

June 15th, 2012
7 best travel apps
"During long layovers or unexpected delays, fire up GateGuru for a map of the airport, including shopping and food options in all the terminals. "

The Today Show

June 13th, 2012
Travel tips to know before you go
Sarah Spagnolo
"You are going to want to know your airport kid friendly amenities before you get there....check GateGuru"

Brisbane Times

June 10th, 2012
App, up and away
"Nevertheless, GateGuru (free) comes in handy anyway. As well as allowing you to track flights, see average check-in times and view airport maps at a glance, it provides a detailed database of airport facilities (though, frustratingly, Australian and New Zealand airports are largely absent). In the case of an airport such as San Francisco's, where you may find yourself waiting for several hours, the food reviews are particularly welcome. Though airports are rarely known for their fine dining options, Ebisu, which is in the international terminal, is as good as user ratings suggest."


June 6th, 2012
Android App of the Day: GateGuru
Amy Eichelberg
"I don’t travel a lot, but when I do I always feel the familiar airport-induced anxiety building for weeks prior to my trip. Between the stress of getting to the airport on time, waiting in multiple lines, paying for your bags, and searching for decent food at the gate I am truly in awe of people who travel all the time for work. I for one would just be a big ball of nerves. With that said, my whole attitude towards travelling by air has completely changed thanks to a little live-saving app called GateGuru. It only took one trip with GateGuru by my side to convince me that this app would get a permanent home on my Android device. I may not use GateGuru all the time, but when I do travel this app truly acts as the one item you can’t leave home without."


June 1st, 2012
15 Ways to Vacation Like a Pro
"Nobody plans an extended stay in the weird alternate reality known as the airport. But no matter which concourse you find yourself in, the GateGuru app can find you something to eat. Think of it as Yelp for airports. GateGuru (free for iPhone or Android) tells you what’s good, nearby and open at 2 a.m. The app will warn you if you’re about to head to a restaurant on the wrong side of the security barrier. Finally, turn on alerts and eat with peace of mind: GateGuru will tell you, "Hey, put down that burger! Your flight is boarding!""


May 11th, 2012
An Interview with Dan Gellert, Co-Founder of GateGuru
Laura Edgar
"No bones about it: waiting around at the airport stinks. While having to deal with the long lines full of cranky people, you’re probably lost and hungry, and perhaps even in need of a last-minute souvenir for Auntie Mae. What to do? You can suck it up, wander around aimlessly, and hope you find something, anything, that resembles what you’re looking for, or you can download GateGuru, an app for iOS and Android. NerdWallet recently named GateGuru a top travel app. Though historically called “Yelp for Airports”, GateGuru offers so much more than reviews of local airport amenities. We asked Dan Gellert, the brains behind GateGuru, to tell us more."

U.S. News

May 8th, 2012
10 Best Free Travel Apps
Joel A. Fineman
"GateGuru is the best friend of those unfortunate souls caught with long layovers and delays. This app provides you with a map of the terminals as well as reviews of restaurants within the airport. However, the most helpful features might be the "tips" section and the average wait time at each terminal's security checkpoint."

One Day One App

May 7th, 2012
"GateGuru is a must have app for frequent travelers. The app allows you to receive real-time flight status information (including push notifications), view your TripIt and KAYAK itineraries, view / post airport security wait times and see a structured list of airport food, shops and services. Its a great tool to transform the chaotic and unfamiliar airport environment into a more satisfying experience before and after flights, and during layovers."

New York Times

May 2nd, 2012
After the Plane Gets You to the Airport, an App Comes in Handy
Bob Tedeschi
"Of the more comprehensive guides, GateGuru is a fairly good resource for those who don’t want to pay for an app...The app’s best feature is its ability to quickly present a decent range of information about restaurants, shops and amenities in 105 domestic and 85 international airports."

New York Times

May 2nd, 2012
Apps That Do Everything but Pack Your Bags
Sam Grobart
"GateGuru offers flight tracking and wait times, but perhaps its most useful and unique features are detailed information and user reviews of shops and restaurants in more than 100 American and foreign airports. This is handy when, say, you have a two-hour layover at Newark and are staring at a forlorn food court. Check GateGuru and you learn that a well-reviewed branch of Manhattan’s Gallagher’s steakhouse is a short walk to the other side of the terminal."

Life Goes Strong

April 27th, 2012
5 Best Free Apps for Business
Scott Steinberg
"If you're a modern entrepreneur or mobile professional, chances are you live as much of your life on planes as off. While paid solutions like FlightTrack Pro offer handy ways to track trip itineraries, GateGuru offers similar features at zero cost, letting you monitor flight statuses, keep tabs on security line wait times, and more. Better still, the free app also provides thousands of reviews on restaurants and services located at hundreds of airports, and can even tell you travel times between gates in case you're worried about having to sprint between connections."

Soar Halifax

April 26th, 2012
Top 5 Travel Apps
Sarah Plowman
"Layovers will never be boring again. Bid farewell to wandering aimlessly in airports and let Gateguru escort you through hundreds of hubs, including Halifax Stanfield. Use this app to find restaurants and shops, washrooms, or ATMs. Track your flight while browsing and read reviews before dining to land the best service every time."

Canada Blog

April 26th, 2012
Travel App Review: GateGuru
Mark Stachiew
"It may seem like all airports are alike, but each is unique in its own way and frequent travellers will argue over their favourites. Smartphone app GateGuru lets you tap into the expertise of those frequent travellers to teach you the ins and outs of a variety of airports around the world."

Nerd Wallet

April 23rd, 2012
NerdWallet's Top 10 Travel Apps
Stephen Vanderpool
"Airports are big, scary places. The labyrinthine halls stretch wide and deep and, despite a plethora of signage and maps, you’re guaranteed at least a touch of confusion. GateGuru helps take the guesswork out of airport navigation by providing listings and locations of airport amenities. Rather than gambling you’ll find food worthy of human consumption next to your gate, you can use GateGuru to locate restaurants that actually interest you. You can track down coffee, ATMs and gift shops and read reviews left by the brave souls before you. Think Yelp for airports."


April 23rd, 2012
Frequent-flyer Guru Randy Peterson to Airport: Give Travellers What They Want
Benet Wilson
"On the technology front, Peterson urges airports to work with existing offerings including TripIt and GateGuru instead of building separate smart phone apps. “I have 73 apps on my iPhone, and most I don’t use. Give them the information so we can have it all in one place,” he says."


April 19th, 2012
App Check
Niki Black
"This app is great when you’re stuck at a long lay over in an airport. Gate Guru tells you everything you need to know about the airport and terminal that has suddenly become your home away from home."


April 16th, 2012
One Startup CEO's Strategy for Hiring Awesome Employees
Erica Swallow
"I recently spoke with Dan Gellert, CEO and co-founder of GateGuru, a mobile app created to help travelers navigate airports, about how the company’s team of seven came to be. He offered up six tips for maintaining ongoing recruitment efforts that yield excellent teammates."

April 8th, 2012
6 Must-Have Apps For A Stellar Vacation
Kathryn Hough
"Hanging out in an unfamiliar airport sucks. Hanging out in an unfamiliar airport with only an hour to eat, use the bathroom, and make it to your gate sucks even more. Enter GateGuru. GateGuru helps make the airport experience a bit more pleasant by providing information about estimated security wait times, airport restaurant reviews, and gate information."

Travel Channel

April 5th, 2012
GateGuru's Top 25 Airport Restaurants
Zachary Einzig
"Stuck with a long layover and can’t stomach another terrible airport meal? GateGuru has provided us their comprehensive list of airport restaurant rankings, based on approximately 35,000 reviews from travelers. From the casual food court spot to sit-down dining in the terminal, here are GateGuru’s top 25 airport restaurants."


April 5th, 2012
The Top Ten Free Smartphone Travel Apps
Peter Greenberg
"GateGuru provides status updates for your booked flights and estimated wait times for security lines all in real-time. The app also helps you find reviews on the airport’s restaurants, gate information and travel tips."

I'm a Travel Ninja

March 28th, 2012
Best iOS Travel Apps
John Scott Bull
"GateGuru is one of the most feature rich apps for travel. Its core use is to help you find the right restaurant in over 125 airports worldwide. It lists them by terminal and makes the gates they are near obvious, so they are quick to find. It also integrates with TripIt, so it can notify you of flight status changes and give you quick access to trip details."

Travel Channel

March 28th, 2012
GateGuru: Bringing Social to the Skies
Zachary Einzig
"We’ve all been there before: trapped next to the exact wrong person, on a flight across the country -- for 6 hours. Maybe the thought has crossed your mind, “Why can’t I choose whom I sit next to?” Well now you can (sort of)."


March 27th, 2012
Must-Have Mobile Apps for Business Travelers
Amy Gahran
"Airports can have a lot of amenities to help you make better use of your time and money, whether you're dashing through or hanging around on an unexpected delay. But finding out what's available, in which concourse or terminal and on which side of security, can be a challenge. Enter GateGuru, which contains information on amenities and services at over 150 airports, with user reviews. GateGuru is free and available for iPhone and Android devices."


March 26th, 2012
Delayed: Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Darren Booth
"My favorite is GateGuru as it provides not only lists of food, shopping and services found in each terminal with customer reviews, but also provides security wait time information, updated throughout the day."

eTourism Insight

March 20th, 2012
The Best Travel App for the Airport
"So what do travel geeks do when faced with airport woes? They get the app that makes it a little bit better: Gate Guru. It’s free, and it’s your own mini dashboard for figuring out how to survive your airport experience."

Hotel Current

March 17th, 2012
Take a Look at This Great Android App Called GateGuru!
"With this app, you can keep track of all important airport and flight information. The GateGuru app features information for 120 airports throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Easily look up flight itineraries and security information to determine when you need to leave. You can even figure out where to eat and shop with this handy app."


March 13th, 2012
3 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Business Travel
Erica Swallow
"GateGuru started as an app for making your way around airports. It’s still great for that, but it’s grown since its humble beginnings — it now offers real-time flight status updates, for example. This free app excels in its classic use, though: finding where the heck your gate is and figuring out where to grab some eats before taking off..."

Business Insider

March 5th, 2012
7 Business Apps To Help Entrepreneurs Travel Smarter
Lisa Barone
"Gate Guru helps keep me calm by immediately introducing me to my surroundings and acting as my eyes on the ground before I even get there. Sure, it’s cool that this app will give me airport maps so I know where my terminal is in relation to everything else, but that’s not why I really like it. Gate Guru is sort of like a Yelp, but specifically for airports. It provides tips and reviews from other travelers so you can learn the best places to eat within your terminal, where the cleanest bathrooms are, and even gives you approximate wait times for security. Essentially, this app keeps me from having a nervous breakdown at least three times a trip."

New York Times

February 14th, 2012
Spare Time, Strange City
Julie Weed
"And for the traveler who may not have enough time to see the sights in town, GateGuru, for the iPhone and Android phones, provides information on the food and retail outlets at airports."


February 7th, 2012
10 best travel apps for frequent flier
Jessica Festa
"GateGuru is a savior for those wanting to make the most out of their airport time on the day of their flight. Not only can you check important flight information like real-time flight status and airport security wait times, you'll also be able to navigate airport amenities like the best eateries and souvenir shops with photos, reviews, and tips..."

PC Mag

January 30, 2012
What Do You Carry: Rana Sobhany, the First iPad DJ
Kirsten Cluthe
“I am addicted to Starbucks soy lattes and would be lost without GateGuru. It’s an app that tells you what’s located in airport terminals, so I can always find a Starbucks.”


January 12, 2012
Five apps to keep you productive when traveling
Neen James
“GateGuru is the best way to locate food, shopping and service options within any airport at the touch of a button – no more unglamorously running to the wrong gate!”

The Epoch Times

December 30, 2011
Plan, Eat Well, Fly
Vanessa Rios
“It [GateGuru] offers users a list of an airport’s features and it does so down to the concourse, giving details that can make the difference in deciding where to eat when you’re tight on time…I really appreciate that Gate Guru allows reviews. I find that when people take the time to write a review, they tend to be helpful, and while in an airport you want all the information you can get, as quickly as you can.”


December 28, 2011
iOS App Picks
Daniel Webster
Video: “GateGuru is a free application in the app store that allows you to view flight information and restaurant ratings along with other information about various airports”


December 15, 2011
8 Best Travel Apps for Domestic and International Travel
Reyna Gobel
“I also love Gate Guru for finding what shops, restaurants, and service options a particular airport has. It’s prefect for layovers and long breaks between flight connections because I don’t have to hike the entire airport with luggage in tow.”

Chicago Tribune

December 6, 2011
New Traveler Apps
Eric Gwinn
“How it works: Get a map of your airport; read users’ recommendations for restaurants; find tips about ATM locations, cheap parking locations and more. Making a connection? Check your flight arrival time and get departure gate location, as well as departure time for your connecting flight. While waiting in the security line, users log in to let everyone else know how long of a wait to expect.”

Airline Crazy

December 4, 2011
13 Must-Have iPhone/iPod Touch Travel Apps to make Traveling Less Hectic this Holiday Season
“I cannot tell you how many times I have choked down an awful fast food meal at one terminal only to later discover that I’d missed a much more appetizing or healthy option by just a few gates. GateGuru solves this by utilizing crowd sourcing to provide access to and reviews on airport facilities. Recently I located an Oxygen Bar at Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport using GateGuru, which quickly cured my headache and provided me with a short but welcome back massage.”


December 1, 2011
Making Airports Suck a Little Less: GateGuru
“I’m writing this from the airport, where I’ve just tried using GateGuru for the first time, and I can’t help but be impressed. The travel app hopes to make navigating and passing time in airports, a necessary evil only the particularly masochistic ones enjoy, less painful.”


November 28, 2011
Five free helpful apps to an efficient holiday travel
Lorraine Anico
“You won’t need to worry about being bored to death when you get stranded in the airport. GateGuru gives you a list of all the bars, restaurants and other amenities of the airport such as ATM machines and massage stations. It also comes with locations, photos and helpful reviews of past travelers regarding the service and quality of food.”


November 22, 2011
Rocky’s travel secrets for your holiday travel
Quentin Fottrell
“The travel industry is one of the most eager adopters of technology. With the right tools, you can have a significant advantage over fellow travelers…My must-have travel apps are Kayak, TripIt, GateGuru and Priceline. Kayak lets you quickly search for alternate flights.”


November 21, 2011
Four Of The Best Apps From Microsoft’s NYC Mobile Acceleration Week
Jordan Crook
“As of right now, the app offers up airport directories, ratings and reviews for shops within the airports, social media sharing, itinerary management, wait times for security lines, and reviews/tips for airports. When it launches on Windows Phone, the new and improved GateGuru version 3.0 will include flight status info, push notifications, baggage claim info, food ordering and delivery, and transit-related features.”

Smart Money

November 10, 2011
5 Ways To Avoid the Flightmare Before Thanksgiving
Quentin Fottrell
““Siri: Where is the shortest security line?” Maybe the amusing iPhone 4S voice-activation service won’t have the answer, but the GateGuru app might help you find the shortest way through security. It has maps of airports, lists of retailers, and allows others to post reviews and photographs…”


October 28, 2011
Today’s Reader Tip: In Airports, Use GateGuru to Find the Best Food and Shops
“I like knowing what’s available to me pre-security vs. post-security vs. near my gate. And it’s free.”

Health Watch MD

October 21, 2011
The Road Warrior’s Guide to Good Health
Dr. Randy Martin
“Many smartphones offer apps that allow you to search for healthy eating destinations nearby. GateGuru even lists healthy dining options at many airports, so you always have healthy choices at your fingertips.”

Off and Away

October 11, 2011
The Best Travel Apps
“Ever wandered around aimlessly in an airport looking for those noise-cancelling headphones or a decent place to eat? The GateGuru app features maps of 86 different airports (most major airports included) which displays shops, restaurants, and services located in each terminal. They also include ratings so you know which restaurants to avoid or which shop is the best one to pick up a last minute souvenir.”

CNN Travel

October 3, 2011
Travel Apps That Really Help
Brett Snyder
“When I was in Atlanta recently, my wife was looking for something before our next flight. Trying to find the right store in an airport the size of Hartsfield-Jackson is a mind-numbing experience. GateGuru, however, gives the rundown on which stores and restaurants are in each terminal and it pulls in reviews as well”

PC Mag

September 30, 2011
The 50 Best iPhone App
Jill Duffy


September 21, 2011
8 Must-Have Free Travel Apps
Chris Gray Faust
“I just downloaded this app, which shows the shops and services within each airport terminal. Christensen used GateGuru recently in Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) to suss out options when he and his wife were craving different meals (she chose pizza, he went for a burrito). Some shops or restaurants offer check-in specials or discounts.”

Channel Insider

August 22, 2011
Eight Travel Apps for Smooth Sailing
Ericka Chickowski
“When every terminal looks the same as the last, Gate Guru guides the way. This handy utility directs travelers to the nearest gate amenities and allows users to rate shops, restaurants and more so that you know just where to stop for grub or toiletries before stepping on the jetway.”

USA Today

August 18, 2011
Money-Saving Ways To Still Go On Vacation
Roger Yu
“It’s not too late to sneak in a little summer vacation or plan a post-Labor Day getaway — despite the jittery economy and higher travel costs that may have kept you home…GateGuru, a smartphone app that provides detailed information on 115 airports, has partnered with retailers and restaurants to offer coupons at stores near your gate.”

Best Travel Store

August 9, 2011
The Best Travel Apps
Maria Lennon
“GateGuru is great for domestic US airports by providing a list of the restaurants, services, shops, ATMs, etc. and where they’re located by gate. This is cool because you can see where a particular place is before you decide to settle on the place that closest to you. It’s great if you want to grab lunch before you board, a frozen yogurt or God love you a BOOK!!!”


August 9, 2011
15 Tips to Be a Savvy Airport Road Warrior
Jeff Haden
“If you can spend 10 minutes debating whether it’s better to be stuck in the airport in Denver, Vancouver, or Munich — and make intelligent, cogent points in the process — you travel too much. (Munich won, mainly because of its recreation and shopping area.)”

The Independent

August 5th, 2011
Six Innovations to Help You Travel
“Another app, GateGuru, won the outstanding apps category for its in-airport tool, an app that offers airport maps, a database of amenities, an overview of security wait times and instant access to an itinerary.”

In-Flight Insider

August 4th, 2011
Apps You Need Before You Leave
Carolyn W. Paddock
“Gate Guru is your complete guide to 85 airports throughout the U.S. Where are the gates, the security checkpoints, restrooms, the executive lounges, the shops, the ATMS, the best places to get something to eat? Gate Guru will tell you. The app provides maps and guides to the various terminals in each airport as well as listing current wait times at the various checkpoints, departure and arrival times, and much more. Also available for the Android phone.”

GateGuru Wins GBTA Outstanding App Award!

August 2, 2011
GBTA and The Wall Street Journal Announce Business Traveler Innovation Award Winners
Press Release
“GateGuru is the first mobile application to refine your airport experience. The app offers information to guide any trip. It provides instant access to your itinerary, security wait times, airport maps, and a structured database of airport amenities, including ratings, reviews and tips from fellow travelers.”

PC Mag

July 22, 2011
William Fenton

Orbitz Blog

July 14, 2011
Top travel apps for business travelers
Mark Chesnut
“Travelers searching for the best places to eat or relax in airport terminals tend to rave about GateGuru, a free app that features user-submitted restaurant and bar reviews as well as airport maps and information.”

Android Apps Review

July 12, 2011
Always Travel in the Know with GateGuru
Valerie Lauer
“This app really shines when you start looking for terminal information…In addition to simply listing locals, you can get in on the fun by rating places and amenities and adding traveler tips, or just peruse other users’ ratings and see what they have to say. That’s pretty impressive and even more helpful to travelers…The days of shuffling to your gate like so many cattle and limiting yourself to the single magazine shop near your stop are over…On top of being extremely practical and chock full of useful goodies, GateGuru is actually pleasant to use.”

L.A Times

July 10, 2011
Web Buzz: Gate Guru
Jen Leo
“Cooling your heels at the airport? This app will help you find dining options, plus deals for bargain-hunters”

Victoria Review

July 9, 2011
Information Overload: GateGuru: Your guide to airports”
CJ Castillo
“Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a way of making your time while at the airport manageable? Instead of relying on that pack of peanuts to keep your stomach content (do they still hand those out?), maybe you could find a decent place to eat or shop near your terminal. Or would you like to find out the wait times at the TSA checkpoints? Well, in that case, the GateGuru app is just what you need.”

Yahoo! News: Technology News

July 8, 2011
Limit airport unpleasantness with the GateGuru android app (Appolicious)
“The GateGuru app for your Android phone aims to give users a better understanding of everything that’s available at the airport you’re spending time at. That way you can locate the best food, shopping and service options. For instance, the app lets you know what meal options are available in pre-security areas or places you won’t be able to easily get to when you’re waiting to board your plane. Obviously, this app isn’t promising you an exciting culinary adventure, and clearly the airport isn’t any kind of shopping mall, but it does let you know what’s nearby so you can make well-informed decisions about how to spend your time and money during your layover. What’s especially handy is the fact that the app lists tons of reviews from other travelers, so you can see what you’re in for”

Smart Money

July 8, 2011
The Best Summer Apps
Quentin Fottrell
“The app relies on 400,000 users to provide real-time information for 125 airports — 30 of which are overseas. The app provides maps of airports, lists retailers and restaurants, allows other users to post reviews and photographs. The app can also import your travel itinerary from online route planners Tripit and Kayak; Gellert says the app will add another 25 international airports by the end of the summer and expects 200 in total by year-end.”

FOX Business

July 6, 2011
A New Travel Tool and Movie Tickets via Subscription
Ann Hynek
“GateGuru really lives up to its name…….Android users sitting at their gate waiting for their plane now have a new tool to find the perfect read or food for their trip….. The app searches according to terminal and gate location, to find the nearest food or shopping options at more than 120 airports around the globe. The app also includes more than 25,000 user reviews to help make the selection process even easier.”

Appolicious Android Apps

July 5, 2011
Fresh Android Apps for Jul 5
Ian Black
“Many apps will help you track your flight details, but any savvy traveler knows the next most important thing about air travel is the area around your airport gate. GateGuru delivers the gate details for over 120 airports in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.”

Android Advice

July 3, 2011
Security Check-in at Airports with GateGuru for Android
Neal Pradeep
“This Gate guru application is one of the most comprehensive as well as provides the accurate listing and also has the capability to add or view the airport security wait times along with the blend of access to real-time ratings, reviews, tips and photos on airports, terminals and amenities…So, if you are the one who are a frequent flight flier then this application will not only add the value to your travel experience but will also make all your travels informative as well as comfortable for sure.”

Android Central

June 30, 2011
Android quick app: GateGuru
Phil Nickinson
“GateGuru has made its way onto Android, bringing with it a sort of mashup of Foursquare and travel apps such as Tripit and FlightTrack…So is it the perfect travel app? Not just yet. But GateGuru is an interesting mix between being an all business travel app and more of a social check-in app.”


June 30, 2011
GateGuru Brings Airport Terminal Reviews and Listings to Android
Alan Henry
“Whether you’re stuck on a long, boring layover or you’re worried there’s nothing to eat beyond the TSA checkpoint, GateGuru can help.”"

KI TV (video)

June 30, 2011
Social Wire: GateGuru App
Yasmin Dar
“Taking flight among jet setters…”

The App Informer

June 29, 2011
“One of the best features of this app is the fact that you can check in, for those of you who travel very often and spend a lot of times in airports you can build your points up and become a “High Flyer”. Every time you check in you can post a message that others visiting can see, and even post an update on social media outlets so your friends can see where you are and where you’re about to go. GateGuru has it all, if you are going to fly anywhere, make sure you have this app, get maps, shops and everything that you would ever want to know about airports before you even land.”


June 29, 2011
GateGuru Gets You Through the Airport With all Necessary Info
Andrew Kameka
“The benefits of GateGuru (Android 2.2+ or higher) start before you even arrive to the airport…During my testing of GateGuru yesterday, I found that members are very accurate in their reviews and tips about my home airports of FLL and MIA.”


June 29, 2011
GateGuru Grabs First Funding Round, Swings into Android
Kevin May
“GateGuru CEO Dan Gellert says the move into the Android marketplace was “imperative” given the rise of the Google-led smartphone operating system and was something potential users had called for since the company’s launch in 2009.”


June 29, 2011
Airport Info App GateGuru Launches on Android; Raises $800K
Leena Rao
“While TripIt and Kayak dominate itinerary management on the go, GateGuru provides a useful, centralized resource for airport information. It’s not surprising that business travelers find the app so compelling.”


June 29, 2011
GateGuru Arrives on Android, Gets its Wings with Angel Funding
Meghan Kelly
“The app is an exciting departure from the stress usually associated with travel. There are a lot of working components here that if smoothly integrated, could make GateGuru an app store must have. If you’re traveling for the holiday weekend, download the app and test it out. Even if the timing aspect is not fully developed, you will definitely appreciate the duty free knowledge provided for amenities.”


June 24, 2011
Want to Celebrate America’s Birthday? There’s an App For That
PC Mike
“Traveling this summer by airplane? Get “Gateguru,” for the iPhone or Droid. It’s free and lists what gates flights are at, nearby restaurants and security line wait times. It even lets you Tweet or Facebook your travels.”

CBS News

June 8, 2011
19 Awesome Apps to Get You Through Summer
Ysolt Usigan
“Navigate through airports better. GateGuru is a free mobile application that helps users navigate through airports. It lists eateries, stores and service amenities for over 125 airports that are mostly in the U.S., and also some in Canada, Europe and Asia. There are over 25,000 user reviews to sift through, too, to help you make better choices of vendors. You can also get insight on which pricey airport lounges are worth the splurge.”

All Business

June 7, 2011
Go-To Smartphone Apps for Business Travelers
“Unfortunately, air travel can involve lengthy delays and layovers. That’s when an App like GateGuru comes in handy. Although eating a meal in an airport is considered by most a slight upgrade from in-flight fare, when you’ve got time to kill and an appetite to curb, GateGuru can direct you to the airport eateries voted most popular by your fellow travelers on Social Media sites.”

Need2Know Travel

May 31, 2011
4 Must Have Air Travel iPhone Apps
Bryan Snider
“GateGuru is a very handy app when it comes to air travel. The app is very simple to use and is designed to help you with locating amenities while your at an airport. At larger airport the amenities are organized into terminals, concourses and sometimes gate areas. They are even organized into different categories such as food and services. Each restaurant, service or store is listed along with customer reviews.”

Signal Scape

May 31, 2011
Cool App-titude: GateGuru
Rachel Eisenhower
“Forget endlessly searching through airports for a good cup of coffee or a clean restroom—the GateGuru app for iPhone and iPad makes it all manageable.”

Fox Business

May 25, 2011
The Ultimate Guide to Travel Apps
“MAKE THE MOST OF A LAYOVER Consider it Yelp for airports. GateGuru’s app contains searchable directories for 98 U.S. airports (124 airports overall) and more than 25 international hubs. They take the guesswork out of finding an ATM, a decent cup of coffee, or a 10-minute massage station—wherever you happen to be delayed. Some locations even have user reviews, rankings, and photos.”

The New York Times

May 5, 2011
Navigating With Social Media
Jennifer Preston
“On the way back to the airport, he used GateGuru, another social media mobile app that includes a database of shops, restaurants and services at more than 150 airports, including Manny’s other location in Terminal A at Midway International Airport. “I can look in advance and see what restaurants and stores are near that gate,” Mr. Rosch said. “I also use it to see what Wi-Fi is available at various airports.”"


May 4, 2011
5 Top Air Travel Apps
“MAKE THE MOST OF A LAYOVER Consider it Yelp for airports. GateGuru’s app contains searchable directories for 98 U.S. airports (124 airports overall) and more than 25 international hubs. They take the guesswork out of finding an ATM, a decent cup of coffee, or a 10-minute massage station—wherever you happen to be delayed. Some locations even have user reviews, rankings, and photos.”


May 3, 2011
Excellent GateGuru iPhone App Review
“Once in an airport selection, you simply pick the terminal (for multi-terminal airports), then you are presented with a list of all the amenities. As I mentioned – the list is fantastic. You’ll find the common stuff like restaurants and shops, but also ATM’s, mailboxes, computer charging stations and frequent flier lounges. You can also narrow down the results by selecting food, shops or services as your search category.”

Budget Travel

April 18, 2011
The Ultimate Guide to the Best Travel Apps
“MAKE THE MOST OF A LAYOVER Consider it Yelp for airports. GateGuru’s app contains searchable directories for 98 U.S. airports (124 airports overall) and more than 25 international hubs. They take the guesswork out of finding an ATM, a decent cup of coffee, or a 10-minute massage station—wherever you happen to be delayed. Some locations even have user reviews, rankings, and photos.”

Via Her World

April 15, 2011
My Must Have Travel Apps
“Should I eat before I get to the airport? Will there any decent restaurants past security? I forgot to buy something for my husband, are there any good shops for presents in my terminal? Is there a Continental lounge at this airport? Well, I don’t stress over things like this anymore since I have been using GateGuru. GateGuru tells you exactly what to expect at the airport, and near your gate: food, shops, ATMs, Wi-Fi, and more….”

Executive Travel

April 12, 2011
Best Apps and Websites for Business Travelers
Heyden Graham
“GateGuru (iPhone app, free) allows you to search your airport for the amenities you need, on the go. It also allows you to bookmark favorite spots, view user ratings and reviews, and share your travels via Facebook and Twitter.”

April 1, 2011
6 Smart Travel Apps
“GateGuru is the ultimate airport app. Available only on iOS systems (i.e. iPhone, iPad), this sophisticated, easy-to-use program not only allows users to check-in and view security wait times, but also lets them easily access information regarding restaurants, shops, and other in-terminal services nearby, making it much easier to find a decent place to eat while waiting for your flight. “

Art of the iPhone

April 1, 2011
The 50 Best Travel Apps for the iPhone
“Gate Guru (free) provides gate information about 115 major airports in the US, Canada, and Europe as well as lists of airport restaurants, shops, and services. Features over 20,000 reviews of those airport services. View airport maps. Share and view airport security wait times. Sort airport shops and restaurants by rating.”

USA Today

March 28, 2011
Airport Apps Guide Travelers from Security to Takeoff
“Of the apps tried, we liked GateGuru best because of its simplicity and focus. GateGuru assumes travelers will get their flight and gate updates from airlines and focuses instead on airport amenities and services.”

New York Times

March 21, 2011
Tracking Your WiFi Trail
Christine Negroni
“Daniel Gellert, the chief executive of GateGuru, a hand-held app that encourages air travelers to share their experiences with others, said the SITA program was a big deal. ”All of a sudden a traveler knows, ‘Is the time at security 10 minutes or 75 minutes?’ ” he said. ”To harness all that digital information within a single application is a huge improvement. Travelers finally have an intimate knowledge of their surroundings, which is a far different experience than it was even a year ago.”


February 9, 2011
The Best Smart Phone Apps for Business Travelers
Peter Greenberg
“GateGuru – Handy for when you’re stuck at the airport, GateGuru tracks down the restaurants, shops and amenities in airport terminals.”

The Wall Street Journal

February 9, 2011
On the Menu: Future of Mobile Apps
Spencer E. Ante
“Dan Gellert, the co-founder of GateGuru, which has an iPhone app that helps travelers find food, shopping and other services in airports, predicted 2011 is the year of the rise of the mobile transaction. “The travel industry will be pushing many offers,” said Mr. Gellert, who added that his iPhone app has been downloaded 300,000 times and has 100,000 users.”

Travel City Hotel

February 6, 2011
10 iPhone Apps For Business Travelers
“The GateGuru iPhone App provides a extensive inventory of airfield comforts at over 115 airports worldwide. GateGuru offers over 20,000 reviews as great as 4,000 photos from travelers on airfield restaurants, bars, shops as great as alternative services. GateGuru additionally provides alternative utilitarian facilities such as airfield maps as great as updated confidence wait for times.”


February 5, 2011
GateGuru – featuring Airport Maps
“Airline terminals seem designed to confuse, and perhaps they are. If we could see clearly how dreary it is waiting between flights maybe we’d fly less. GateGuru from Mobility Apps clears away the mist before our eyes, offering maps and amenity details for several dozen airports.”


January 20, 2011
Gadling’s winter storm air travel survival guide
Scott Carmichael
“One great tool for navigating airports is mobile application GateGuru. This comprehensive database of airport amenities contains everything you need to survive the airport turning into a hotel. Looking for an ATM, restaurant, Wi-Fi hotspot or electrical outlet? GateGuru has what you need. Best of all, you can submit your own tips in the app, making it another great way to kill some time.”


January 16, 2011
10 iPhone Apps for Business Travelers
“The GateGuru iPhone App provides a comprehensive listing of airport amenities at over 115 airports worldwide. GateGuru offers over 20,000 reviews and 4,000 photos from travelers on airport restaurants, bars, shops and other services. GateGuru also provides other useful features such as airport maps and updated security wait times.”

Travel Channel

January 11, 2011
GateGuru Review
“GateGuru offers comprehensive information on more than 115 (mostly US) airports, so you can quickly find services, retailers and restaurants you need — or those you need to avoid. The service also benefits from an active base of user-reviewers — many of whom rate establishments with the discerning eye of the frequent traveler. You can also use the app to check-in, view your TripIt folders and bookmark favorite airport amenities.”

Peter Greenberg

January 7, 2011
Travel Tip: Airport Apps
“GateGuru is another popular one. This one hones in on the really important amenities in airports: the restaurants.”


June 4, 2010
GateGuru is an iPhone Guide for Airports
Jennifer Van Grove
“GateGuru also includes a gaming element reminiscent of Foursquare’s leaderboard. In the HighFlyers section, users are awarded points for checking-in to airports, rating and reviewing amenities. This month JetBlue is sponsoring the contest, so the member that accrues the most points nationally for the month of June will win two free JetBlue tickets. Regional winners will also get $100 gift cards. Overall, we find the app to be a handy airport utility and may make those stressful travel experiences much more manageable, and possibly more rewarding.”


June 4, 2010
GateGuru: A Mobile App that Makes Airports Bearable
“The goal of GateGuru is to empower travelers and give them the information they need to have a happier–if not outright fun–travel experience. Even if you love airports, the app can help you find exactly where you want to eat at an airport, decide whether that gate-side restaurant is awful before you get a table, or plan what you want to do at an airport before you head out.”

Killer Startups

June 4, 2010 – Find Your Way Around Airports
“In this way, you can learn all about your pre and post-security options and figure out how far you will have to go in order to find what you are looking for. Having such information so readily available is certain to tone
down the anxiety everybody feels when traveling for the first time, and the fact this app is wholly free just adds more icing to the cake.”


June 3, 2010
GateGuru 1.5 adds JetBlue leaderboard contest, maps, local ads and more
Scott Carmichael
“In its latest version, Gateguru 1.5 really takes things to the next level – the app has added a leaderboard contest, maps and localized ads.The new leaderboard contest is an awesome way to reward active users. As you may already know, a lot of the content inside GateGuru comes from travelers – and when you add tips, new amenities or rate a current location, you earn points. “


June 2, 2010
JetBlue promo takes off on travel app GateGuru
Caroline Mccarthy
“GateGuru, just updated its iPhone app to include a new advertising platform that connects advertisers and marketers with frequent travelers. The first campaign on the platform is an advertising deal with low-cost carrier JetBlue, which is offering a free round-trip pass for the most frequent GateGuru user each month for the next three months and $100 gift certificates for runners-up in five JetBlue markets (the New York metro area, Chicago, Florida, Boston, and California).”

Meandering Musings

June 1, 2010
Hottest Summer Travel Gear
“Feel at home no matter what American or Canadian airport you’re at with the GateGuru iPhone application. Looking for a Tim Hortons at Toronto’s Pearson Airport? Searching for Okanagan wine tastings at Kelowna International? This application maps out restaurants, washrooms, and shops in major airports and includes more than 11,000 reviews from its community of users. GateGuru will definitely make your summer travel through the skies a little easier.”


May 29, 2010
GateGuru: Airport Shop & Restaurant Reviews
“GateGuru is an excellent iPhone app that lets you find shopping stores, restaurants, ATMs and more on airport gates around the world. . .You can also search for something specific, rate a place or see ratings provided by other users. If you find something new, add it to the GateGuru database so others can know about it. You can also bookmark your favorite spots on each terminal and also share places on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.”


May 14, 2010
Kayak adds GateGuru content to its iPhone App
Scott Carmichael
“GateGuru has joined forces with Kayak to bring their database of airport amenities to the Kayak iPhone app. . .With the addition of this new feature, the Kayak app has (in my opinion) become the best all-in-one travel app there is on the iPhone. “

iPhone Apps Finder

May 14, 2010
GateGuru Review
“GateGuru not only gives you tons of information on your airport, it also have lots of user reviews that you can take advantage of to find what you are looking for on the move. You can think of it as Yelp for airports. The photos, ratings, and reviews help you determine what’s hot and what’s not. If you have had a bad experience at a place, you can share your thoughts with others with this app. It’s also possible to bookmark places for future references.”


May 7, 2010
GateGuru launches international airport coverage
Scott Carmichael
“At launch, GateGuru only covered the United States – but as of today, the app has added listings for its first batch of international airports. In GateGuru, you’ll now find London Heathrow along with 12 Canadian airports. The complete list of new airports can be found here. “


April 23, 2010
GateGuru Review
Perrin Stewart
“GateGuru earns a permanent spot on my device as one of those apps that won’t be used constantly, but when it IS needed serves as an invaluable travel companion. There are many apps with user-driven reviews, but GateGuru’s focus on airport-specific amenities is a God-send.”


March 30, 2010
Airport Amenities To Write Home About
Meghan Casserly
“”Airports have always known that they have a captive audience,” says Dan Gellert, an entrepreneur who introduced an iPhone application in 2009 called GateGuru to track airport concessions. But in the past decade the amenities available have started to cater to an increasingly rapt customer base. . . Increasingly, airports in the U.S. are following the money, he says, and in the process changing the perception of airports as a boring way station. One example is the Jet Blue Terminal 5 (T5) at JFK Airport in New York City, which opened in 2008 to massive acclaim for its retail shops and dining options, including Deep Blue Sushi by Buddakkan’s Michael Schulson.”

AmericanWay Magazine

March 15, 2010 issue
Travel Apps You’ll Actually Use
“Whether you have 30 minutes between flights and just want to grab a quick meal or you have a little more time for, say, shopping, a mani/pedi or a massage, GateGuru (free) will key you in to all the restaurants, shops, restrooms, ATMs and bars at airports around the United States (and soon, Europe). “


March 11, 2010
The Gadling guide to finding power outlets at the airport
Scott Carmichael
“Power outlets are usually installed in pillars, behind boarding gate desks or hidden away in dark corners. One handy resource for locating power is the community built Airport Power Locator. On the iPhone, you can also try your luck with GateGuru, as it tends to list every amenity for your specific airport, including charging stations.”

Simon Blog

March 10, 2010
Hands-On with GateGuru for iPhone
“Just like Foursquare, Flyertalk and Yelp to provide interesting locations and restaurant for cities, GateGuru is the Yelp for airports offering comprehensive information to locate the best food, shopping and service option within airport. It is extremely helpful little app for anyone that does a lot of flying in the US. Not to mention, the app is free.

You can easily share your travel experiences with your Facebook and Twitter friends using Gate Guru by linking your accounts. Moreover, you can gain High Flyer points by rating and adding amenities. You can watch as you climb the High Flyer leader board and get your “Captain” wings. . .You can compete and watch as you gain points against your friends and also nationally for top spot (or Captain), making traveling and finding stuff in the airports you visit a bit of an adventure in itself.”


March 4, 2010
Find Love on your phone
“This wins our award for cutest iPhone app. Airport love is happening more and more these days with travel on the rise and travelers more open to finding their mates on the go. If you are stuck in the airport during a layover (or snowstorm, which recently happened to us) then maybe take the opportunity to try GateGuru. The iPhone app details the best pubs, bars, restaurants and spots to socialize or go on a romantic date!”


March 4, 2010
Cheap Flights
“In case you haven’t heard, there is the GateGuru travel application for the iPhone that has reinvented travel apps and reshaped your time and how you spend it in the airport. This particular iPhone app is great for satisfying any and all problems you might come across during your time in the airport. “

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

February 16, 2010
Useful mobile apps for your traveling needs
“Launched last year, this app is fast becoming widely used. GateGuru gives users information about what types of shops and restaurants are available on the other side of security – something not commonly found on the Internet – and lets users write reviews for other travelers.”

February 11, 2010
iPhone Airport Survival Guide
Scott Carmichael
“Stranded at an airport you’ve never visited? GateGuru is a fantastic way to find airport amenities. The app is part review tool, and part airport guide. It contains thousands of airport services from around the country. GateGuru lists restaurants, ATM machines, shops and more. Each service lists its exact location inside the airport, along with a rating submitted by fellow travelers. Thanks to GateGuru you won’t need to settle for a bad sandwich, but if you do – don’t forget to submit your rating and share your experiences with the rest of us!”


February 9, 2010
Gearing up for Macworld: My 5 apps & packing list
Michael Rose
“While I’m hopping through the airports on either end, Gate Guru helps make sure I don’t skip past the best place to eat while I’m meandering towards my gate.”

the Apple Blog

February 8, 2010
Macworld Expo Tips: 12 iPhone Apps for Traveling to San Francisco
Dave Greenbaum
“For those who don’t travel often, favorite airport amenities frequently change and may be difficult to find. You’ve got 30 minutes between flights and can’t play “Where’s Waldo” to find your favorite coffee dispensary. Did Peet’s moved to gate 12 from gate 18? Gate Guru can help. Additionally, the app has a review function so if you aren’t sure where to eat, let the wisdom of crowds guide you.” (Conde Nast)

January 27, 2010
Apple Gate Guru App
“I don’t think anyone would disagree that a good Cinnabon stop can make or break a layover. But where to find that gooey oasis of deliciousness in the hostile desert of, say, Chicago O’Hare? Enter GateGuru, the hot new iPhone app that reveals where to find the best food, shopping, wireless hotspots, and other must-have airport services like the ATM. Apple has ranked the $2 app as one of their top 10 for travel, and it’s definitely making me wish I had an iPhone.”

Jetiquette @ The Sky Steward

January 22, 2010
Going GaGa Over GateGuru…Find Food, Shops, ATM, and More with this Fab iPhone App
“Finding your way around airport terminals has gotten infinitely easier with a remarkable app for the Apple iPhone. It’s GateGuru. I think we’ve all experienced the added airport frustration that comes with heading the wrong way in the concourse or terminal in search of something good to eat, settled on a dried out $12 sandwich from an airport restaurant, and then discovering a lovely gourmet cafe that was just around the corner but missed. Airport directories are sometimes hard to find and/or read and airport personnel are not always available and this is where GateGuru comes in.”

Time Out Chicago

Issue 255 : Jan 14–20, 2010
Taking your 2010 getaways just got a lot easier thanks to these iPhone and iPod touch apps.
“How many times have you wandered up and down a terminal in search of a Starbucks, cocktail or healthy meal? GateGuru puts an end to all airport expeditions by locating the best food, shopping and service options within any airport. While GateGuru covers the top 85 U.S. airports, the free version of this app allows you to access two of your choice gratis.”

Mobile Behavior

January 20, 2010
Location: It’s All About Context
“Developers are beginning to release examples of applications that combine location with a specific context. Happy Hour app takes the motivation of finding a quick drink and provides. GateGuru (think Yelp for the airport) drills down to an average user’s layover experience. “

the IPhone website

January 20, 2010
iPhone App Developers Contributing to Haiti Relief
“GateGuru is a new tool to transform the chaotic and unfamiliar airport environment into a more satisfying experience before and after flights, and during layovers. GateGuru serves as the leading light to locate the best food, shopping and service options within any airport at the touch of a button. So give GateGuru a try and enjoy your next airport experience.
All proceeds from application sales on January 20th go to Red Cross for Haiti relief.”


January 14, 2010
“Anyone that travels by air will tell you that the restaurant and services can vary drastically from airport to airport. Some airports have a really good selection and others don’t. Some have the restaurant you want, but it’s way the heck on the other side of the terminal. Also if you’re looking for other things like whether or not the airport has Wi-Fi or where is the closest ATM machine, an app that has all of this info in one spot would be very handy.
GateGuru has all of this and more.”

Girls’ Guide to the World

January 6, 2010
GateGuru is here for you
“Sweetness. Just download the application and be in-the-know for all things necessary in making your airport experience the best it can be. While they can’t work magic with delays, they can make the time spent a bit better.”


January 2, 2010
Passing Time at the Airport
Karen Waygood
“A lot of travelers are spending a lot of time waiting around airports these days. Tech guru Peter Rojas suggests the following phone apps to help the time fly by.”

PC Today

February 2010: Vol. 8 Issue 1
“Ever suffered through a horrible airport meal? GateGuru’s Dan Gellert ( feels your pain. Ever passed through security only to realize the best food options were on the presecurity side? Gellert has been there. Ever needed a last-minute airport souvenir but didn’t have one clue where to find it? Again, Gellert knows your frustration. All are why Gellert has released the $1.99 GateGuru iPhone app to “transform the chaotic and unfamiliar airport environment into a more satisfying experience before and after flights and during layovers.””

Orbitz Blog

December 31, 2009
GateGuru Enhances Your Airport Experience
Ari Bendersky
“Not sure what you’ll find once you pass through airport security? GateGuru answers that question. You’ll never again have to run down a long corridor to find a good cup of coffee, a healthy bite or even a retail shop. This app could be your new favorite in-airport friend.”

Stuff Mike Likes

December 29, 2009
GateGuru Enhances Your Airport Experience
“GateGuru was designed as an easy to use iphone app that allows you to locate the best food, shopping, and services in whatever airport you may be in. I usually never think to [sic] much about airport food or what services are available in an airport so I end up just settling for the first thing I see. GateGuru, however, let’s you read reviews and locate the best options, allowing you to search by airport and terminal. Need to find an ATM before heading out to grab a taxi at LGA, GateGuru will help you out.”

Work Shoe Blisters

December 29, 2009
The Newest Airport Navigator
“I love apps that help those perpetually travel frustrated – especially when it comes to what kind of options you’ll be dealing with at the airport, before and after security.”


December 22, 2009
Seven geeky ways to stay connected, kill time, and bring joy this holiday season
Josh Fruhlinger
“GateGuru, an app that will give you the skinny on whatever baffling post-modern concourse you find yourself wandering through, bleary-eyed. Now you can find out if you’re missing out on some quirky local joint when you stumble into a McDonald’s, or if you’re sitting at a gate silently cursing your aching neck when there’s a massage stand just a few moving walkways up the corridor.”


December 22, 2009
Cheapflights Names the Top iPhone Flight Applications
“Never be stuck hungry or bored in the airport again. Forget running through your gate in search of that one last cup of coffee, or hunting for that souvenir you forgot to pick up. Gate Guru enhances your airport experience, so you know exactly what to expect when you’re a captive audience. Explore what each gate offers in terms of food, shops, and services, and you’ll be able to spend your layover well-informed.”


December 10, 2009
iPhone App Of The Week: GateGuru
“The complete scope of detailed information available from GateGuru is fantastic and it is an absolute must have for any road-warrior traveling in the United States.”


December 10, 2009
The GateGuru iPhone App Will Find All The Airport ATMs For You
“We found another iPhone Travel App to add to our list of the Best Travel Apps that debuted this fall! It’s called GateGuru, and just arrived in the iTunes App store on Monday in both paid ($1.99) and Lite (free) versions.”

“It’s practically a must-have for frequent flyers, and we’re already having fun messing with it, since it’s like a successful mixture of Yelp, Foursquare and FlyerTalk. The Yelp component is strongest, in that GateGuru’s main function is for users to add and review airport amenities like ATMs, restaurants, first class lounges and children’s play areas in the top 85 US airports. This way, when you’re stuck at LaGuardia’s Central Terminal, you’ll see that you’ve got an amazing four Au Bon Pains to choose from, in addition to which one is bet and which ones are before and after security. “


December 9, 2009
Travel – Loot, There It Is

“There’s no way to make flying nice; the best you can hope for is less crappy. It’ll be easier when you’re swaddled in a lightweight jersey cashmere wrap (warmer than pashmina! more wearable than travel blankets!) while listening to free meditation downloads (Sharon Salzberg and Jack Kornfield are especially good) and sucking from a disposable flask. If you remember to check the new GateGuru app before boarding, you might not even get stuck eating twice-thawed “beef.””


December 9, 2009
GateGuru for the iPhone helps you find and rate airport amenities
Scott Carmichael

“I’m a huge fan of any iPhone app that can help make my time at the airport more enjoyable. GateGuru is such an app. Think of GateGuru as an online airport guide meets Yelp, meets social networking.”


December 9, 2009
Up in the Air
Alexis Juneja

“I met some interesting companies last night at MatchUp Camp II including…Groupable, If We Ran The World, Social Cord, and Flavorize. But my hands down favorite of the night was GateGuru. Not only does the product address a pain point, is something I would use, is scalable and has two immediately obvious revenue sources (I mean this app screams targetted(sic) real-time ads) but the founder, Dan Gellert, came across as approachable, accomplished, and thoughtful. Importantly, within minutes of me asking about his company, he quickly flipped out his iPhone and did a demo. As founder you are the consummate salesman. In this case, the product sells itself. Not to mention, the design of the product, logo and website are top notch.”

The New York Times

December 8, 2009
An App for Those With Airport Time to Kill
Brad Stone

“For reviews of most businesses, there’s Yelp. But once you pass beyond that magical threshold known as the airline check-in counter, you enter a bustling world of commerce not typically covered by Web sites.”

“On Monday, GateGuru, an application for the iPhone developed by Dan Gellert, a former associate in Time Warner’s venture investment group, set out to solve that problem. The software is targeted at the airport-hopping road warriors like the character George Clooney plays in the new film “Up in the Air.””

Aviation Week: Things with Wings

December 8, 2009
GateGuru Unveils Airport Guide App
Benet Wilson

“I am famous for not paying for iPhone apps. I only have two on my iPod Touch that I have paid for; the GateGuru app does cost $1.99. But I will pay for this one, because it offers updated information on in-airport food, shops, and services. If I’m stuck in an airport, or making a tight connection at an unfamilar airport, this thing pays for itself after one incident.”

December 8, 2009
Where to Eat in the Airport – the New “GateGuru” Dining App
Rick Seaney

“You’ve been here before – trudging through the airport, trying to find a decent place to eat.”

“You noticed a couple of good spots when you first entered the airport, but you figured you’d better get the ordeal of going-through-security over first, and now – you can’t find a thing.”

“Well here’s a tip: try the new GateGuru airport restaurant-finding iPhone app, and never go hungry again! Well…you know what I mean.”

The Wall Street Journal

December 7, 2009
App Watch: Avoiding the Airport Restaurant Search
Andrew LaVallee

“GateGuru, which costs $2, lets travelers look at stores within 85 major U.S. airports. Each listing shows restaurants, shops and services, in addition to reviews and the ability to bookmark or add information to it. It also notes the terminal and location, including whether it’s before or after the point-of-no-return security check.”


December 7, 2009
Up in the Air: Conquering the Airport

“Introducing GateGuru, an app that serves as your insiders’ guide to America’s airports, available today.”

“Think of it as the answer for the next time you’re in the airport, you’ve got a couple hours to kill, and you’re wondering where you can get some great dumplings. Or you’re looking at the dumplings, but really want fries. Or you’re running late, and you need to find the most efficient route between the security line, the duty free and your plane.”

The Business Insider: Silicon Valley Insider

December 7, 2009
New iPhone App ‘GateGuru’ Is Yelp For The Airport (AAPL)
Nick Saint

“NYC-based Mobility Apps just launched GateGuru, a neat iPhone app that serves as a guide to 85 U.S. airports.”

“The app provides listings and user reviews of restaurants, stores, and services within a particular terminal.”

Cynopsis: DIGITAL

December 7, 2009
Wayne Karrfalt

“George Clooney’s character in “Up In The Air” could have used this. GateGuru is a new iPhone app best described as a Yelp for airports. It helps frequent flyers figure out where things are including restaurants, security checkpoints, bookstores and gift shops – rated in a star system by fellow travelers. It available now at the App Store for $1.99.”

December 7, 2009
GateGuru: Your Guide Through The Airport
John Federico (@gadgetboy)

“Occasionally though, I’ll find myself in an airport that I frequent less than the others and have no idea where anything this. It can be a bit inconvenient, especially on the tail end of a long business trip.”

“That’s why I want GateGuru.”

JustAnotheriPhone Blog

December 4, 2009
Future Star iPhone Apps? A Little Preview

“Yelp for airport terminals. Another one with (I think) a clever little niche, a neat UI, and a good set of features. Airport terminals can be a real drag – this could be a godsend for frequent travelers.”


September 29, 2009
Venture Investors Follow Their Bliss – And The Money – With Mobile Apps
Timothy Hay

“From Investor To Entrepreneur”

“Another venture capitalist, Dan Gellert, is actually taking the plunge. As he prepares to launch a travel-related application for the iPhone, Gellert has indeed quit his day job as associate partner in Time Warner Inc.’s venture division. . .His location-based application, GateGuru, is meant to take advantage of the billions of hours – and dollars – that travelers spend in the nation’s 85 largest airports.”

“The plan to monetize goes beyond download fees. As soon as the app attracts a large group of users, Gellert plans to offer coupons for some of the businesses located in airports. . .”If I look back 10 years from now, I’ll say this was the first scalable success for mobile coupons,” Gellert said.”

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